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Kingspan Insulation UK is committed to providing proactive and swift support in response to any queries regarding the use of K15 in high-rise residential buildings.

We are already actively engaged in providing this support to fire engineers and building owners across the UK.

A dedicated team and process has been established to support any incoming queries regarding the historical use of K15 in high-rise residential buildings.

We fully recognise the concerns that are being experienced by many people as a result of the wider issue of safety of cladding systems in high-rise residential buildings. Building occupants who have a query or concern should contact their building owner / freeholder and request they fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Advice Notes and Communications

K15 BS 8414 Testing and Technical Advice April 6 2021

Kingspan Insulation UK K15 BS 8414 Update October 2020

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If you are a building owner or fire engineer, please click this link to fill in all the necessary details to facilitate a clear and swift response